What is Lonely Goat

The Lonely Goat Running Club is an online running community, open to any age, any ability.

It’s designed for those who don’t have the time to join organised running groups. This may be due to work, social or family commitments but still want to be part of a thriving community of like minded people.

The Values

The focus of Lonely Goat RC is not to win team events and trophies. It’s about representing the club’s values that are ingrained within everything we do. To support and inspire others and to achieve personal goals. By combining those values, Lonely Goat RC members have a sense of togetherness that exists when training alone, in groups or in races.

How to Join

There isn’t a formal registration process and there are no fees. Quite simply, if the values resonate with you, join other Lonely Goats on Instagram Facebook/and or Strava Club and be part of this awesome community.

If you’re a parkrunner – you can change your club to Lonely Goat RC on the parkrun website.

You’ll find plenty of support & encouragement in the Lonely Goat Running club – Chat Facebook group too!


Lonely Goat RC is an affiliated club with England Athletics. It is not mandatory for Lonely Goat members to become affiliated. Lonely Goat RC will always be open to any age, any ability of like minded runners. To find out how to become an affiliated athlete click here.


Hopefully this has given you an understanding on Lonely Goat RC and how it works. Feel free to take a look around the site – If you have a question, please get in touch with the team by emailing info@lonelygoatrc.com or alternatively you can contact us on facebook.


Support – Inspire – Achieve